Dear Jay,

AT last we received the most awaited book yesterday, Feb. 13, 2007.  Thank you so much and happy valentine’s day!

Immediately I started reading it.  I’m too happy to note how responsible son you are to your mother.  Continue the good work.  I am sure your mother is very proud of you as I am too proud to be a part of your life, as your teacher, I hope I was able to touch the life of others.  Teaching the basic is not all that we aim for but how you will use it in your life.

We are really very, very proud of you.  Congratulations!

Dr. and Mrs. Chaves


February 6, 2007

What are these crystal thingamajigs supposed to be?

A. Three angels sucking on a dildo

B. Three winged transvestites having a drinking contest

C. The Supremes singing “stop in the name of love”

D. Three winged transvestites sucking on a dildo while singing “stop in the name of love”