June 28, 2006

it’s summer time in southern california and the days are hot. most of the people i know are going on extended breaks. i don’t blame them. i’d rather be in a beach somewhere with an umbrella drink in my hand instead of being in a stale room looking at a computer for eight hours.


May 20, 2006

i used to hate drinking milk. growing up in south east asia, one is not predisposed to drink milk as most of the kids are in the west. we're either water, tea or coffee drinkers over in that part of the world and a lot of us are lactose intolarant. there is the occasional fresh carabao milk that we used to get when we were kids but that was more like a novelty. but everything has changed since we've moved to california. i now drink milk everynight before i sleep and in the morning, i mix it with my cereal. even i am surprised – i am beginning to like it.


May 3, 2006

it was misty again today during my early morning walk. the streets were damp and it was chilly. it was that kind of day when the best thing to do was just to lie in bed, sleep the whole morning off and have a late breakfast or an early lunch (or both). but instead i was out trying to lose last night's dinner. it wasn't so bad, really. i had my iPod and was marching in a steady cadence to some european singer singing dylan's "blowin' in the wind" in german.

its been foggy and grey during the mornings since last saturday. i guess this is part of what the people here call the “may grey / june gloom” season. it’s that time of year when the weather gods start bringing in layers of vapor and mist from the pacific ocean. but only during the morning though. around lunch time, the sun appears and all of a sudden it’s spring time again.