In all his deepest dreams the gypsy flies

August 31, 2005



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  1. dax Says:

    geez cozy… woooooohoooo..

    hihi bloghopping lang po!

  2. melissa Says:

    Oi, gusto ko yang song na yan. Nice house, too.

  3. well, in the back of my head, i probably did expect somebody named melissa would notice the lyrics of the song. you are sharp – good for you. thanks for the bati on the house.

    a few more lines from the song…

    No one hears his lonely sigh,
    There are no blankets where he lies.
    In all his deepest dreams the gypsy flies
    With sweet melissa… mmm…

    Again the morning’s come,
    Again he’s on the run,
    Sunbeams shining through his hair,
    Appearing not to have a care.
    Well, pick up your gear and gypsy roll on, roll on.

  4. dahan-dahan sa pagtalon at baka ka madapa.

  5. Dr Emer Says:

    I continue to be amazed sa bilis at galing nang pag-settle nyo dyan, Jay. Sana ipinakita mo din yung bookshelf mo sa kanila. Oks din yun! 🙂

    Kudos to you and Jet! Ingat palagi. 🙂

  6. Capt. Kupal Says:

    hehey doc emer.

    medyo mabilis nga ang transition namin from newly arrived to residents of orange county. i attribute this to jet – who took care of packing the boxes in singapore, unpacking them when it arrived here, arranging the house and buying all the furniture. then there are our friends who helped us get settled and how generously showed us how things worked in this strange land.

    the bookshelf is my masterpiece. it took me forever to build dahil one move and the whole thing falls apart. i’ll feature in in my blog one day.

    ingat doc at kamusta na lang kay baby jane.

  7. jenggay Says:


    to batjay and to your labopyorlayp Jet… ang cute. ang linis. sarap talaga mag bahay-bahayan kasama ang lab mo sa buhay..nasa oreynj kawnti ako sa linggo… in anaheim to see my in-laws.sana makasalubong ko kayo..good job on d haus! ngayon HOME na talaga yan.

  8. sis Says:

    nice place! mr. batjay at jet> kelan bar b q? hehehe!

  9. Demonyito Says:

    it is a nice place and jet and i love it. parating may barbeque sa apartment namin every weekend

  10. thank you jenggay – ok na ok nga talaga ang pag asikaso ni jet sa apartment namin kaya ganoon siya kaganda. kamusta mo na lang kami kay mickey mouse pagpunta mo ng anaheim.

  11. Jet Says:

    Hmmm… ikaw naman mylab. E di ba lahat nga ng furnitures natin ikaw ang nag-assemble. E kundi dahil sa carpentry-work mo, di ko maaayos ang mga gamit natin?

    It’s teamwork. And when you have a teammate you can work with, love with, laugh with and play with… it doesn’t seem like work anymore. Or ok… sometimes it still does pero at least you have the vision of enjoying the same things once it’s all done… hehehe.

    Haylabit mylab! Hen haylabyu!

  12. Yasmin Says:

    hey, i like the colorful chairs and the masks! from where yung masks, na-curious lang ako 🙂

  13. carol Says:

    wow ang ganda ganda ng bahay!!! =)

    farang my na sight akong visita?? si ate sienna =) heheh

  14. Fr. Jakolito Says:

    ate sienna spent the weekend with us. ang saya nga eh – daming nagpag usapan na mga tsismis. next time, sa kanila naman kami.

  15. Isip Bagets Says:

    hi yasmin.

    i love it when somebody comments on the details. the colorful chairs are made of teak wood. the colorful cloth is like a technicolor dreamcoat ano? i love it too. the masks are from indonesia. genuine, i hope. i got them in jakarta during one of my many business trips to indonesia. teak wood is also from indonesia, BTW.

    how are you? i hope you’re doing great. do you have any trips scheduled for southern california? just let us know. baka gusto mong magpunta sa castle ni mickey mouse.

  16. hello mylabopmayn.

    oo nga teamwork nga pero gusto ko lang naman i highlight na ang dami mong ginawa to make this all possible. salamat.

    lab U!

  17. roselle Says:

    ang ganda ng bathroom!!!

  18. maraming salamat – sarap ngang gamitin ang bathroom eh. malaki!

  19. NoTrE DaMe Says:

    Kulang na lang ng coffee table. Baka gusto me meron ako dito.

  20. nag order na kami ng coffee table a month ago. bwakanginang levits, ang tagal mag deliver. teka muna, sino ka bang ka-batch ko?

    oo nga pala, happy norte dame day nung sept 8.

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