Big sisters are the crabgrass in the lawn of life

August 8, 2005

Hi Ester!!!

It’s so nice to hear from you. I called up mom during the weekend and she was asking if we’ve gotten in touch already – I told her that we write each other emails regularly. She said that she’s got a letter for you but she hasn’t been able to mail it because the mailman she normally sends her letters to, quit. Since her 81 year old body can’t go out and visit the post office anymore, the letter’s still with her but she promised to send it soon.

We’ve moved during the weekend. We’re now staying in a great one room apartment with a big bedroom and bathroom, high ceiling and a very homey feeling that Jet and I really like. We have a small elevated patio where it would probably be nice to barbeque. We will celebrate the move with a picnic there pretty soon. We started last Saturday by moving twelve boxes and twelve bags from our friend’s house to the apartment. It took two trips, ten pounds shed off my weight and a lot of blood and sweat. It’s a good thing our friends Tom and Ceci came out to help. Otherwise I would probably have a hernia by now and sound like Michael Jackson (mom’s term would probably be “naging boses kiki”).

We’ve setup electricity and water, phone service, cable and internet connection so we’re in business even if the apartment is bare. Trust a techie to think of setting up his electronic equipment before getting a refrigerator or a washer/dryer. It was funny when a friend walked in yesterday and saw the router, cable box and phone: He knew right away that a nerd lives in that place because the living room didn’t have anything else.

But it’s going to change pretty soon. Yesterday, Jet and I went out to shop for furniture. We went to IKEA and got 3 shelves, a TV cabinet, a dining table and some chairs, a computer table, some lamps, a lot of house fixtures and 21 Swedish meatballs. The problem is that I have to assemble everything so I will probably be busy scratching my head this week trying to find out if I can follow the directions. I will start with a chair. I know “a chair is still a chair even though there’s no one sitting there” but some furniture are hard to assemble, especially if the directions were done by somebody who doesn’t know a word in English. Believe me, I’ve gotten into a lot of trouble with manuals I can’t understand (e.g. “When paddenger of foot heave in sight, tootle the horn. Trumpet him melodiously at first, but if he still obstacles your passage then tootle him with vigor“). But it’s a good thing IKEA has really good stuff that are easy to build.

I hope you had a great weekend, hopefully, not as hectic as ours. My right hand is still sore as I write this and my back is killing me. But, that’s ok. At least now we’re moving along and experiencing life in the United States. It’s been great so far. Take care and give my regards to Randy.

With so much love,

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  1. tin Says:

    Woohoo! May mapapasyalan na kami at may barbecue pit pa!

  2. sis Says:

    ‘yung mga litrato po nakakatulong!–with pics i never needed to read instructions (come to think of it, tamad akong magbasa ng instruction manual ng kahit ano–trial and error palagi). congrats on the new digs!

  3. The Ca t Says:


    trust me, i can assemble anything without help here in the States.
    my computer desk, my dining table, my dresser.
    i painted the ceiling but when i went home, i could not even paint the pot.

  4. Christine Says:

    pictures naman ng inyong bagong mansyon pls! 🙂

  5. hi christine, ang ms. philippines ng christchurch. i’ll post some pics soon. pag hindi na masyadong busy. yung living room namin eh parang warehouse dahil puno ng kahon.

  6. ate Ca T…

    pwede ka palang maging reyna ng ikea. ngyehehe. ako ok lang sa akin mag assemble dito kasi hindi mainit. hindi ako pinapawisan during the pag assemble.

  7. Capt. Kupal Says:

    may mga picture naman ang manual ng ikea kaya hindi ako masyadong nahirapan., kapatid na sister. medyo marami nga lang akong kailangan i-assemble this week.

  8. Demonyito Says:

    tara na tin, punta na kayo dito. tamang tama by the time you arrive, ayos na ang bahay.

  9. lilian Says:

    im a pinay based in sweden, im one of your fans…my son and hubby sometimes ask me why i am laughing hysterically in front of my laptop, your blog is very entertaining… keep it up and i wish you and your wife the best in your new adventures… hope you enjoy your swedish meatballs.

  10. delish Says:

    hahaha batjay

    ayan, me advice ka na from The Cat 😀

  11. wow Straight English! ehehehe 🙂 everyday okey!

  12. Engkantado Says:

    nagpapapraktis kasi ako ng english ko para maintindihan ako ng mga kausap ko rito sa ‘merika. naiinis na ako pag sumasagot sila ng “huh” pag nagsasalita ako.

  13. Fr. BatJay Says:

    oo nga eh. hi mec. musta ka na?

  14. Barb Says:

    Oh, no–you’ve discovered IKEA. You’re on your way to becoming American, indeed.

  15. hi lilian.

    thank you for the comment. appreciate ko pag nagbibigay ng feedback ang kapwa ko OFW. nakaka inggit ka naman, you live in a place i would love to visit. ang experience ko eh mas masarap ang pagkain pag niluto ito sa bansa kung saan siya galing. i am sure that swedish meatballs taste even better in sweden. one day, i hope to visit your country and taste your food. maraming salamat din sa mga swedes sa pag imbento ng IKEA. we’ve been customers even in singapore.

    ingat at hanggang sa muli!

  16. Haba ng Dila Says:

    hi barb.

    there is a huge IKEA store in singapore. jet and i always go there to get our home furniture. in fact, i think all of our singapore furniture was purchased there. i just love the build it yourself concept – brings out the engineer in me.

    i hope you are well.

  17. owen Says:

    Since walang pasok today kase nga 40th bday ng singapore, i went to ikea. they’re on SALE! Ang saya pero ang daming tao! I got and installed a new shower curtain rod!

    enjoy your new place!

  18. Jet Says:

    Alam mo mylab, I’m sitting here right now, on the chair you assembled last night. Amazing… the comfort that one chair can give, even if there’s a whole carpeted floor to drop down to. Di ko alam kung profound yun pero… the things that come to our realization talaga, minsan nakakagulat. Pang-light bulb effect, tipong ‘what a great idea!’ moment… hehe.

    I love you. 🙂

  19. kathy Says:

    kaya pala di ko kayo nakita sa target nag ikea pala kayo pero nakita ko kayo last friday night sa may vietnamese restaurant sa lake forest. ingat at magenjoy kayo sa pagasemble ng gamit niyo.

  20. Isip Bata Says:

    paano mo naman kami nakita sa loob ng vietnamese restaurant nung friday? kumain rin ba kayo doon? bigla tuloy akong natakot in a fatal attraction kind of way. hehehe.

  21. roselle Says:

    bakit nga kaya “boses kiki” ang tawag don?

  22. Crispee Says:

    Hi Mang Batjay. Isa rin po ako sa mga masugid na taga-subaybay ng iyong blogsite. Tahimik akong humahalakhak sa iyong mga nakakatuwang adbentyurs. Pareho pala tayo ng uunahing i-setup kung sakaling lumipat din kami ng bahay>>>yung network connection. Siyangapala, naka-base po ako sa japan. More power sa inyo.

  23. Jay, The Vid Says:

    hello crispee. ohayu gusaimasu. maraming salamat sa pag comment. sana ay ok kayo diyan – ganyan ata ang mga techie, uunahin muna ang internet connection bago water connection.

    hanggang sa muli kaibigan.

  24. Kid Kalabit Says:

    bakit “boses kiki” ang tawag sa maliit ang boses? palagay ko dahil sa tunog ng ihi ng babae na parang pumipito.

  25. Toni Says:

    Wow! Things are falling into place slowly but surely ‘no? I wish you a warm and cozy home full of laughter and good memories!

  26. La Libog Says:

    hi toni. we’ll be finished with the apartment pretty soon. just a few pcs of furniture to build. a few we’re waiting to be delivered. we’re getting there. pero ngayon pa lang, marami nang laughter at good memories.

  27. kamusta na preng owen. ang dami ring tao nung nagpunta kami ng ikea over the weekend. bumper to bumper nga ang mga shopping cart.

  28. thank you sa pagpuri sa silya mylab. yan ang una kong inasembol kaya medyo memorabol not to mention medyo imperfect.

    lab U!

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