Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now

July 23, 2005

paano bang gumawa ng isang project?

1. magsisimula ka siyempre by defining your system. ano ito, at ano ang kanyang gagawin pag siya ay tumatako na.

2. you think about the different components that will make up your system. then you think of ways on how they will work and communicate with each other.

3. after that, you simplify. you do this by reviewing your design and by breaking down all the components over and over again so that you are left with an elegant and simple solution.

4. once you’ve come up with the answer, you just go through the motions of implemantation. you know for sure that it will work out in the end because you already had all the answers even before you started.

5. pag tumatakbo na ang ginawa ninyo, bibili ang boss ng lechon baka at maraming san mig light. mag iinuman kayo at magbibidahan hanggang sa pagsikat ng araw.

that’s what engineering is all about.

No Responses Yet to “Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now”

  1. celiaK Says:

    Bossing, may nakalimutan ka – yung regular meetings at ang powtek na documentations. Dyan sa dalawang yan ako asar!

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