Drive west on Sunset to the sea, turn that jungle music down, Just until we're out of town

January 11, 2005


ang kantang “babylon sisters” ng steely dan ay memorable sa akin. galing ito sa “gaucho” LP na lumabas nung 1980. nasa 2nd year high school ako nito. nakipag barter pa ako sa classmate kong si redondo. pinalit ko ang “malice in wonderland” ng nazareth with his “gaucho” tape. prior to this, they were just in the periphery, mostly heard through my older brother and sisters. pero “gaucho” changed all that. it was the start of my steely dan love affair. ano na kaya ang nangyari kay redondo? genius na artist ito at hobby niya ang mag retoke ng mga litrato ng mga artistang ginupit sa “people’s tonight“. lapis lang at eraser ay natatanggal niya ang damit ng mga artista at papatungan niya ito ng drawing ng pekpek at boobs. maganda ang quality ng artwork kaya akala mo talagang nakahubo.

kaya ngayon, kapag naririnig ko ang kantang “babylon sisters“, naaalala ko ang mga edited bold pictures na galing sa people’s tonight during the early 1980’s. speaking of pictures and memories: available na ang web album ng aming vacation sa pilipinas. CLICK HERE – to view the EB, family reunions at litrato ng happenings sa aming munting bahay sa antipolo.

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  1. mrs. p Says:

    unkle batjay, cool ka talaga kahit napaghahalata ang edad mo sa taste mo sa sounds. but seriously, kids are missing out on a lot if they do not get acquainted with the sound of steely dan. remember, they were in retirement for so long since 1980 and when they banded again in the late 90s, they just walked away with several grammies after producing their reunion album, just out of a 20+ years of retirement as a band. how cool is that?

    of course, individually, donald fagen produced a few albums, two of which are the ‘nightfly’ which has the IGY cut which was an anthem for all of us who belong to a certain age bracket heheheh, and ‘kamakiriad’ which came out in the early 90s. walter becker, on the other hand, managed and produced for the group called ‘china crisis’ which had a very distinct sound which in a way was a dead giveaway that one of the dans was actually behind their music.

    for two cool guys who just wanted to make good music and actually jammed with the best in the business, they have come a long way. not bad for a band named after a dildo.

  2. Jet Says:

    Teka, kilala ko yang tatlong batang yan sa picture ah… este… 2 bata pala at isang nagbabata-bataan… hehe. 🙂


  3. dear mrs. p,

    oo nga. a lot of kids now miss a lot if they don’t find out the roots of the music they’re listening to. if they fail to appreciate the beatles, the stones, clapton, springsteen, elvis and the rest of our heroes.

    steely dan is a class act. they certainly produced music that was cool with complicated lyrics that at first glance don’t seem appropriate to be used in any kind of song. that they were able to make it work was one of things that i loved about them.

  4. Hello Mylabopmayn!

    Dalawang Bata sa kaliwa’t kanan, at, isang Batang Isip sa gitna.


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