July 1, 2004

kung nasa bahay kayo, open your TV sets, pumunta sa national geographic channel (9:30-12:30 GMT+8) at panoorin ang pagdating ni cassini. pagtapos ng pitong taon na space travel, the space craft “CASSINI-HUYGENS” will be inserted into the ringed planet saturn. very tricky nga yung orbit insertion dahil papasok yung space craft sa pagitan ng saturn at ng kanyang mga rings (tapos through the gap in the rings itself). if you’re online and at work, pwede kayong sumilip sa “live webcast”. huwag lang kayong papahuli sa bossing niyo at baka magkaroon naman kayo ng ring around your necks.

kaunti lang ang pinagpapasalamat natin sa mga amerikano lately dahil sa mga kagaguhan ng foreign policy ni dubya and company. but this is one time na ok ang mga kano. this euro-american mission will last for four years (maybe more). in that time, it will bring discoveries that will make us richer as a species. our children will dream and wonder again and perhaps look to a future that is beyond war and poverty and all that crap.

iniisip ko nga, kung nilaan na lang ni dubya sa space exploration ang 87 Billion fucking dollars na ginastos niya sa iraq, baka malayo pa ang narating ng gobyerno niya in terms of goodwill. pwede rin perhaps para sa aids research, or for poverty and third world debt. do you know what $87 billion buys? click here and find out weep.


  1. Dr. Emer Says:

    $87B US dollars??? Wow. Matutuwa si Tito Rolly nyan. Pandagdag sa bayad nating utang. Kung ako me ganyang money, magpapatayo ako ng mga 1st-class hospitals sa probinsya natin na di gaanong mataas ang singil. =)

  2. Sassy Says:

    Magkano na nga nung binili ng US sa Spain ang Pilipinas? US$ 87B… pwede na kayang bilhin ang Texas at i-ban doon si Bush?

  3. BatJay Says:

    hi doc… if i had $87B to spend. aba, pwede ko nang gayahin si eddie gil. tatakbo ako ng presidente tapos bibigyan ko ng tig $1 million ang lahat ng mga pilipino.

    may sosobra pa para ipampagawa ng mga hospital, kalye, schools, suweldo ng mga teachers, etc. etc.

  4. In Paris on December 10, 1898, the United States paid Spain $20 million to annex the entire Philippine archipelago.

    nakakainis ano? dahil lang nag moro-moro ang mga amerikano with dewey’s navy stunt job at manila bay, they got us at such a cheap price. $87B, let’s see… it took the microsoft founder $20M to finance the first commercial airplane to fly outer space. perhaps we can build one and send dubya on a one way trip to saturn.

    baka may sukli pa tayo pambili ng mga schools, hospitals, roads, beerhouse, world peace, etc.

  5. marc Says:

    Batjay I don’t want to burst your bubble but it wasn’t 87 billion for Iraq, it was only 20 billion.

    Still alot of money I admit.

    You also mention aids did you know Bush and the US Congress just approved 15 billion for the world-wide fight against aids? Or do you just choose to view news that only fits you idealology?

    You mention debt relief, here is the question for you. If you have a debt would you expect someone from another city from yours and not a relative to pay your debt?

    At the same time the US gives more in foreign aid than any one.


  6. BatJay Says:

    o, pati ba naman dito sa site na pamapamilya at pangsports pa, eh naka abot ka. hehehehehehe.

    bottom line… president DUBYA is screwing the fate of the great and mighty USA. if he had the brains, instead of that iraq invasion stunt, he should have used the $87B to wipe out osama bin laden from the face of the earth. may sukli pa sigurado for more schools, roads, aids research, fighting poverty, world peace? (ala miss universe contestant, hehe), etc.

    in my humble opinion, he should take a trip to the planet after saturn and in so doing, restore the US back to it’s old great self.

  7. rolly Says:

    hala, parang virus ah! Infected ka na rin?

  8. BatJay Says:

    hehehehehe… ang lakas makahawa no?

  9. jop Says:

    nakakaiyak nga bosing! tiyak na masigla na naman ang morning discussion namin ng mga katrabaho kong amerikana na galit na rin kay bush.
    hay, kung kahit konti ay i-allocate ni bush ang pera sa education, napakaraming services ang maibibigay sa mga batang kano dito. haaay. sa kasamaang palad ang buwis na ibinabayad ko sa pagtira sa bansamg ito ay tumutulong sa pagkitil ng buhay ng mga sundalong kano at mga pobreng iraqi.
    feck goerge.feck him.

  10. BatJay Says:

    oo nga Jop, tingnan mo ang mga figures na mabibili sana ni dubya (kung di ba naman gago) sa $87B para sa american education system:

    For $87 billion you could …

    Hire more than 2 million new teachers


    Spend an additional $1,824 on each child in American public schools


    Spend seven times more than the President’s proposal for Title 1 education programs in fiscal year 2004.

  11. bayibhyap Says:

    For $87 billion, you could save the earth from almost anything.

    But again, who’s the one spending it? A fool and his money are soon parted, so the saying goes, and without even the least tangible result!

  12. BatJay Says:

    hi bayi.

    $87B spent on an uncalled for war. and for what? to satisfy the cowboy dreams of a few misguided people.

  13. tiptoes Says:

    Naku po! puro namberz ang nakikita ko ah!mahina pa naman ako dito hehehe
    Nangungumusta lang po!:-)Ingatz jay!have a nice weekend!

  14. Jet Says:

    I wonder what kind of a person I’m going to be, if I had $87B to spend.

    I bet it’s going to take too much of the ‘living’ out of my life. I’d probably sooner enjoy $87.

    May pinangakuan o tinulungan na ba ang america who became better off afterwards? Vietnam? Afghanistan? Maybe even the Phils to some extent?

    With all that money going around, why is there still so much inequity to contend with?

  15. hi tiptoes. kamusta na?

    isang number lang naman ang kailangan tandaan… 87Billion. too much money to spend on a president’s whim to invade iraq when he should have spent just a fraction of it on counter terrorism.

  16. hello mylabopmayn.

    if you had 87B, you would be rich, tapos pwede mo akong ilibre. gusto ko ay max fried chicken with pansit canton at lumpiang ubod. di ka naman siguro magbabago pag may ganyan kang kalaki na pera kasi maganda naman ang pagpapalaki sa iyo ng iyong mga magulang.

    ang alam ko lang na tinulungan ng usa na umasenso ay germany at japan, after world war II. hehehe. wink, wink.

    with all that money going around, why is there still so much inequity to contend with? this is a good question. one that has baffled many people. similar to this is the question: why are millions of people dying of hunger in africa when we throw unused food in the west? siguro dahil we’re not humanitarian enough as a species. in our heart of hearts, as a people, we have vested interests. we need some quid pro quo. america wouldn’t have “given democracy” to iraq if there there wasn’t any oil there. case in point… if the us is so wanting to give democracy to other nations, then it would have invaded china a few months ago when the chinese announced that they would not be holding any democratic elections in hong kong. ang layo na ng napuntahan ko. hehehe.

    anyway, ingat and habanaysdey. lab U!

  17. bayibhyap Says:

    USD 87 billion…spent for a foxhunt pleasure (of course, the Iraqis are the foxes! and Saddam the prized vixen). It is shrouded under mysterious circumstances and highly questionable motives (watch Moore’s Farenheit 9/11). But what the heck…Cheney get to give billions of it along the way to Halliburton, Kellogg, Root & Brown, Bechtel, Parsons, and the lists of his vested interests goes on and on. Cheney still gets deferred income of USD180,000.00 per year from Halliburton. He received USD33 million from the company when he left in 2000. So it is payback time. And the American public and the Iraqis are the suckers or have been made to be suckers.

  18. BatJay Says:

    hey bayi. you said it. the $87B is so sayang. of course you are also correct in the war profiteering ventures of the friends of the bush administration. look at halliburton, the different oil and gas companies from texas and the many defense contractors from the US.

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