January 9, 2004

tagilid ang kamay ko pag nagsusulat. parehong pareho ng itsura ng kamay ni kevin spacey sa pelikulang “the usual suspects”. force of habit siguro dahil nung estudyante pa ako, walang arm rest na nagsusuporta sa aking writing hand. i am left-handed.

but, i eat with fork and spoon, play the guitar, aim a rifle, use the computer, play golf, wash my pwet righthanded. asamateropak, my right hand is stronger than my left hand. kaya lang, for all of the intricate and fine work, i use my left hand – e.g. writing o kaya pag nagkamay kumain.

i love being left-handed. somehow, it makes me feel unique. i love the sinister implications that it brings. i love the fact that leonardo, paul mccartney, jack the ripper, bill clinton, michelangelo, raphael, kermit the frog, marlyn monroe, oprah, alexander the great, ceasar and ate sienna are all lefthanders like me.

my wife jet is also lefthanded. kaliwete kami parehong mag-asawa.

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