another weekend at home

November 10, 2003

goooooood morning from singapore! jet and i just stayed home during the weekend. we watched a lot of the DVD’s i got from china. i took an online certification exam from our company website and passed, much to the satisfaction of my boss. jogged in the morning and evening, slept late and ate…. and ate… and ate the following:

1. homemade beef tapa with datu puti vinegar and silverswan soysauce, rice and ginisang pechay with giniling na baboy.

2. i cooked my breakfast special – bacon, white rice, sunny side eggs and steamed tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil

3. beef steak tagalog with fresh onions on the top

4. and finally, we had a “to die for” ginisang monggo that jet made (actually she made everything except the breakfast special. hehehe)

still deciding if the IMAX version of matrix revolutions is worth watching. maybe next weekend, para sabay na christmas shopping. there’s no motivation to watch any shows. lately, the concert scene has been… well, “bad” is too weak a word to use. there’s dion warwick, air supply and herman’s hermits. hehehe… talk about jurassic pop. the last great band to come here was blondie last july, i think. the last concert we watched here was the rolling stones right before the SARS epidemic broke. now that was a really great great concert.

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