July 7, 2003


My partners in crime for the Australian User Conference: Norman, the country manager for Australia. Really funny guy, kind hearted and a good companion. He is a Chinese South African who’s now an Australian Citizen. Ceci is a Fil-American, really good and realiable. She has been instrumental in making this event a success. Then there is Tom, our Marketing Manager who is also based in the US. GK is not in the picture but he has been my idol during the conference and I have been very impressed with the depth of his knowledge. Pag laki ko, gagayahin ko siya.

This week, the four of us have been working as a great well oiled team. Isang maganda sa kanila eh lahat sila ay kwela. Ang laking bagay nito lalo na’t on the road kayo at ang tanging bagay lang na nakakapagpaluwag sa lahat ay ang mga biruan at tawanan habang walang ginagawa.

I have been fortunate to be part of this team in Australia and it has been a very successful week for us. Tomorrow is our conference proper here in Perth then we fly to Singapore for our last set. By Friday, they will fly back to the US and I will probably be with GK when we do the same thing in China before the end of the month.

Wednesday ng umaga ay nasa Singapore na ulit ako at makakasama na ulit si Jet.

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