June 18, 2003


tj, az, mommy, jay and dante. now dante is a legend in philippine radio. he started punk rock in the philippines and was the long time host of “pinoy rock and rhythm” during the glory days of the rock of manila. his name is howlin’ dave and he’s my brother.

“HOWLIN’ DAVE, winner of the 2001 NU107 Lifetime Acheivement Award” by Cousin Hoagy

Here’s a guy that began his radio career in the light of the Martial Law years. He was the neighbor of my cousin, Johnny in Pasay, near Park Avenue and Libertad. I always got along with him. He was a natural when he began his career at DzRJ in Santa Mesa.

He had one characteristic that makes a good rock jock. He loved music. He ate up everything going on. I remember him bringing me a record of American Country & Western from Nashville, Tennessee and begging to hear it on the air.

Howlin’ Dave spent much of the 1970s getting his chops down, announcing style and gaining a taste for PINOY ROCK which was a very important feature of life in Martial Law. When the show, “Pinoy Rock & Rhythm,” was developed by Charlie Brown and Double A. It was mainly about the live Pinoy Rock scenes that thrived in Olongapo City and Manila. Angeles City was still just putas.

At the same time, PUNK started to be played with, “Never Mind the Bullocks,” being the start for me. I shared it with Howlin’ Dave, who in turn pulled out Sioux and the Banshees! He had turned a corner.

Buddy Trinidad, one of our Judges in the NU Rock Awards 2001, is a member of BETRAYED. He told me that Howlin’ Dave was where he listened on Sundays. His show alternated Pinoy cassettes with the latest PUNK! His influence spread. High School student at the time, Francis Reyes (lead guitar of The Dawn), told me it was Howlin’ Dave. Francis in a strange way, carries on the torch of Pinoy rock with hundreds of CD’s from the entire length of the Philippines. Francis Brew needs an entire staff to undertake and catalog and listen to what is a commitment. It will be nice to take a photo of them together.

Check out Page 9 of the NU Rock Awards 2001 ( on some of the observations of Eric Caruncho of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. His collection of newspaper stories outlines some of the era. His book, “Punks, Poets and Poseurs,” is available at your favorite Pinoy bookstore on line. By the 1980’s, PUNK was it and Martial Law was beginning to get funky and tiring. Tommy Tanchangco produced a series of Annual concerts near the World Trade area on Manila Bay. It was called, “Brave New World.” It was aired on RJ AM 810. Conceived by Howlin’ Dave from his love of the book, “Brave New World,” by Aldous Huxley.

Between Tommy, Dave and the hundreds of bands that they attracted, the musical Concert moved around the rim of Laguna de Bay to Pililla and U.P. Los Banos. Ask anyone from The Jerks and Myrene who influenced them to the music. Pinoy Rock I guess is a generic expression of the times. It was in fact, the BEST YEARS of his life he told me. Maybe it was. But it’s only the 25th Anniversary of PUNK in 2001. A loose Birthday. Angst, energy, and the focus away from not really being Free had infused the scene.

The BNW Concerts ended, Buddy Trinidad recalls, with Howlin’ Dave singing the Paul Anka hit of the teeny bopping Sixties, “My Way.” Not that anyone recalls that version. Frank Sinatra made it his song for years. But The SEX PISTOLS stole the entire song in its straight forward middle of the road manner. It was transformed into a Anthem of PUNK ! Howlin’ Dave ended each show over the 1980-1985 run of BNW. He was backed by whoever was there that night. The Jerks did. Teddy Perez and The Dawn of the day did. Buddy and Betrayed did. I wonder who else? Joey Ramone?

Cousin Hoagy Dec 2001

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