June 17, 2003

a cook’s tour” by tony bourdain. the travels of a new york cook around the world in search for the “perfect meal”. great book to bring on a trip.

what i’m currently watching while i’m working at home: “beatles anthology, box set of 5 dvd’s. kakalabas lang sa singapore at binili ko agad. if you want to find out how great the beatles were and how they shaped music as we know today, go and watch this 11 hour perspective of the life and times of john, paul, george and ringgo. the sound’s really really great, especially if your player has DTS.

what i’m currently watching habang nagpapaantok: “purple rose of cairo” , written and directed by woody allen. “I just met a wonderful new man. He’s fictional, but you can’t have everything”, so says mia farrow in the movie. di ko matapos tapos dahil parati akong nakakatulog. hehehe… i play the dvd and the next thing you know tapos na yung movie at umaga na. pinagpapalit palit ko yung aking other favorite na “groundhog day” at itong movie na ito para makatulog sa gabi. hirap talaga ng home alone ano?

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