May 18, 2003

1. “the last vampire” by whitley strieber. this is either too predictable or perhaps i have had too much of the genre. i’m halfway through and there’s a small voice that’s telling me to dump it.

2. “road to perdition”. graphic novel by max allan collins and richard rayner. made into a film by “american beauty” director sam mendes. this book should be read, at least, twice. once for the story. twice, for the artwork. highly recommended. as much as i respect the work of sam mendes a lot, i think the novel’s a lot better as a book than the movie is as a film.

3. “to father” tranlated by dava sobel. the letters of sister maria celeste to her father, the great astronomer and inventor, galileo. synchronicity again: while i was scanning the book this morning, my random song playlist started playing the indigo girls song called…”galileo”.

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