April 27, 2003

there’s this john denver song called “i want to live”. it’s not one of his best songs and i find some of the lyrics so melodramatic (e.g. “Have you watched the dolphins frolic in the foam”). but it’s a song i like to listen to nonetheless, because it reminds me of my dad. well, it’s one of the songs that remind me of my dad.

in 1979, i lived in a city in isabela with my mom and dad and my nephew dennis (who is my age). my dad had a job there managing a radio station. anyway, one night, the public market burned. all the power in the city was cut off and the only radio station functioning was my dad’s because he’d just installed a generator set. my dad was rushing to cover the fire live, but didn’t have any announcers to cover him while he was gone. so he called me to man the booth for him while he went to the market and get some interviews. to fill in the gaps, i had to play john denver’s “i want to live” three times, i think. it wasn’t that difficult working with the equipment inside the radio station becuase i know how to operate all of it by heart. i’ve been his sidekick eversince i was able to walk. in fact, all my other brothers and sisters went through that phase in their lives. all of us were brought by our dad to his place of work to watch, learn and help.

“i want to live” isn’t played in the radio these days, so i got a copy for myself which i play from time to time to remind me of my dad.

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