April 13, 2003

News Flash..”di-dit-ditdididit-di-dit-ditdididit” (sound epeks na morse code na ginagamit sa radio news)…TIME CHECK…ang oras sa buong kapuluan: limang minuto, makaraan ang truck ng basura. Ang oras ay hatid sa inyo ng Birch Three Holland Powdered Milk, ang Gatas na may Gata… ding-dong (sound epeks ng time check)…

Police looking for CDC illegal escapee
SINGAPORE — The illegal Chinese immigrant who escaped from the Communicable Disease Centre last Wednesday might not have Sars, but police still want to locate her as a precautionary measure

Sars-tainted cruise ship docked at special quarantine zone
SINGAPORE — A Malaysian-owned luxury cruise liner with 13 crew quarantined on board for observation for Sars has been moved away from Singapore to an island in the south, officials said on Saturday.

Need to confess? Catholics can still see priests
CATHOLICS can still go for confession, even though, because of SARS, churches here have put a hold on individual confessions during special services in the run-up to Easter Sunday.

New fund honours health-care workers
IN JUST 10 days, more than $800,000 has been raised for Sars victims and their families, as well as health-care workers who are taking care of them.

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