March 27, 2003

galing sa ka-opisina ko sa japan branch namin. nagka-kilalnan kami nung bisita ko sa kanila nung february. medyo simple lang ang english at may mga mali ng kaunti. admirable na rin, considering na hapon talaga ang salita ng mga hapon (hehehe). english speaking japanese are the exception to the rule. ang sulat ay tungkol sa cherry blossoms sa tokyo na ngayon ay bumubuka na…

Jay san,

The cherry blossoms in Japan are worth seeing! We Japanese love cherry blossoms very much, because they bloom rapidly with small & modest blossoms but in a gorgeous sight as a whole and we love them also because they fall and scatter ‘with good grace’ in a short period. And it is always a ‘spring assignment’ for Japanese to get the chance to see cherry blossoms in full bloom! We also enjoy seeing cherry blossoms at night time!

Well, cherry blossoms last only 1 week or 2 weeks at longest – and according to the “cherry blossoms forecast (not weather forecast!)”, the cherry blossoms will start to bloom around March 29 in Tokyo this year… So, if you come to Tokyo around May 20, you can only see the cherry trees with green leaves… Perhaps you will have to go to Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan, to see cherry blossoms at that time!

I myself will go to Tohoku district (located to northeast of Tokyo) to see cherry blossoms of old cherry trees (about 1000 years old!) with my mother on April 20-21. It’s one of my hobbies to travel around to see various flowers, especially cherry blossoms. It is always a big concern for us when we should go there in order to see flowers in full bloom! Though your country always have various flowers all the year, we have 4 seasons and each season has its flowers. Therefore, we have to chase the flowering period of each flower. (And cherry blossoms are the most special one.) Jay san, I hope you will get the chance to see cherry blossoms in Japan by all means!

Best regards,


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