February 3, 2003

why do bad things happen to good people? a question asked in larry king live today, in relation to the shuttle tragedy. why indeed? i’ve asked the same question this week in relation to my sister’s illness. i really don’t have any answer. i always tell myself that shit happens and life is unfair and not to take it personally and that we just do what we got to do.

better said than done: i do take it personally and look up to the heavens and cry in anguish… and hold HIM (pointing upwards) accountable. i work my butt off being a good person and demand “quid pro quo”. in short, i ask the all knowing not to play around with the game of life…my life (and the life of the people i love), that is.

hehehe… sabi nga ng mga taga singapore: “don’t play-play” “. laro na nga, nilalaro mo pa.

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